photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird

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Perched eagle

What a great weekend for photographing eagles at Tuttle Creek outlet area. I have a bunch of good images, but this is my prize.

Heron and its reflection

Heron and its reflection

Taken at Pottawatomie County State Fishing Lake #2; morning of October 22, 2011. 

Rare Gulls

Sabine's Gull

Sabine's Gull, photo by Dave Rintoul

September sights

barn swallows on my house

Rare Hummingbird

Green Violet-ear

A rare hummingbird (Green Violet-ear, Colibri thalassinus) visited the area recently. Photographed at a feeder near Keats. If accepted by the KBRC, this will be a first Kansas record for this tropical hummer.


I had 6 Carolina Wrens fledge from a bird house on my front porch last Friday!

From South America

American Pygmy Kingfisher

From Dave Rintoul - somewhere in South America!

Indigo buntings

Hoogy Hooghem reports 20 indigo buntings in his area!

Upland Sandpipers

Upland sandpipers have arrived in the Olsburg area.


This is the breeding season, and this Blue Jay may feels his reflection is another Jay - a competitor.

Jay Strikes Back!

That persistent jay

The jay I described a few days ago is still making visits to our window. I finally caught a picture of him!

I think he's being aggressive: he's flying up at the window as if attacking his own reflection-- or maybe to attack me!

1st Hummingbird of the season

They're here!  At least he is.   1st male ruby-throated hummingbird at the feeder yesterday morning.

Jay shows off

For the past few days, I've been seeing a jay doing persistent displays outside my window.

It sings then hops, sings then hops. Whenever it lands, it faces a different direction until it's hopped around in a full circle. It's quite beautiful: mostly white on its back and head, with shiny blue and black markings on its tail.

Lately it's also been making mad flights for the glass, sometimes pecking at it. Does it want in, or is this part of an intricate springtime dance?


On our way back from Washington, saw marsh wrens along the Snake River.

The Sound of Music

Not your mother's stork-o-vision

There are so many different kinds of birdsong in the prairie! It's so beautiful! I wonder what they all are?

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