photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird
photo of a bird



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The Kansas Ornithological Society (KOS)

The Friends of Quivira - a support/docent group for our adopted refuge, Quivira NWR

Kansas Rare Bird Photo Galleryby Dave Rintoul

Christmas Bird Census  A History

Konza Prairie  - Educational program

Kansas Birds by Month    Susan Adamchak

Manhattan 60th Christmas Bird Census    2008 by Dave Rintoul

 Manhattan Migratory Bird Count 2009   Jim Throne

 Audubon of Kansas

Cornell Lab ebird  Updated version of ebird  2005 

Birding Guide - Getting started  

Conservation Web Sites - Karen Garrett

Riley County GIS mapping

Action Alert Center  National Audubon Society - Conservation and Wildlife  Issues on National Level.

MAPS  Monitoring Avian Productivity and survivorship program, coordinated by Institute for Bird Populations. Involves mist-netting and banding birds at nearby Ft. Riley, KS.

National Audubon Chapter Services Office

Audubon Action Advisory

Project Feeder Watch - Citizen Science from Cornell University

Bird of the Week - a new feature from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology


Operation Crane Watch - Track Sandhill cranes with satellite transmitters as they migrate from Siberia to Mexico!

Friends of Quivira - A newly formed support group for our adopted refuge!

Teaming with Wildlife - A new initiative for funding non-game wildlife programs. Endorsed by the NFHAS and the Kansas Audubon Council

Cats Indoors - A new initiative from the American Bird Conservancy, designed to help stop the killing of BILLIONS of North American birds by outdoor cats every year.   

Also see Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation website.                            

The Prairie Falcon is the monthly newsletter for the Northern Flint Hills Audubon Society. It contains upcoming events, articles and other information. It is a .pdf, (you will need Adobe Acrobat to open). There are also past newsletters available.

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